A study of the porcelain works at Sevres during its rebirth under the 47-year direction of Alexandre Brongniart. The book includes table services in the Egyptian and Etruscan taste as well as individual pieces that recall Napoleonic military campaigns.

Table of Contents
Susan Weber Soros

George Touzenis

Derek E. Ostergard

1. France Between the Revolution, 1789-1848
Laurie Dahlberg

2. Alexandre Brongniart: Scholar and Member of the Institut de France
Anne Lajoix

3. Brongniart as Administrator
Tamara Preaud

4. Brongniart as Technician
Tamara Preaud

5. Brongniart and the Art of Ceramics
Tamara Preaud

6. The Nature and Goals of Production at the Sevres Manufactory
Tamara Preaud

7. The Stained-Glass and Painting-on-Glass Workshop at Sevres
Karole Bezut

8. Sculptures at Sevres During the Brongniart Administration
Tamara Preaud

9. Brongniart as Taxonomist and Museologist: The Significance of the Musee Ceramique at Sevres
Sylvie Millasseau

10. Two Controversial Decisions by Alexandre Brongniart
Antione d’Albis

11. Clay, Pedagogy, and Progress: The Enquete des Prefets, 1805-1810
Beatrice Pannequin

Catalogue of the Exhibition
Tamara Preaud

Appendix: Factory Marks