Each fall, Bard Graduate Center hosts a number of open houses for prospective students. These events are led by members of our faculty, who talk in depth about their research interests and teaching. This is one of the best ways for students to learn more about BGC. Because not everyone can make it to New York City, the interviews posted below give you a sense of our community by seeing and hearing the faculty talk about their own backgrounds and work. This will help give a fuller picture of the institution through the voices of those who you will be working with. Media will be added and updated on this page throughout the year. Nothing replaces an actual visit, however, and it is strongly recommended that you attend an open house in the fall or set up a tour.

2018 Open House dates:

In addition to open houses, we regularly attend a number of graduate school fairs and do campus visits all over the country. Come see us on the road!

9/25: Spelman College
9/28: William & Mary
10/1: Colby College
10/2: Bates College
10/2: Bowdoin College
10/10: Mount Holyoke College
10/11: Vassar College
10/15: Seattle Idealist
10/16: University of Washington
10/17: Lewis & Clark College
10/17: Wellesley College
10/23: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
10/31: University of California, Riverside
10/31: UCLA
11/1: University of California, Santa Barbara
11/2: Pomona College (and Claremont Colleges)
11/7: McGill University
11/8: Concordia University
11/14: Purchase College