Ritual and Capital is an expansive volume that collects an interdisciplinary range of voices and genres that reflect on ritual as a form of resistance against capitalism. The poems, essays, and artworks included in this anthology explore habits and practices formed to subvert, subsist, and survive under the repression of capital. These works explore the refuge in ritual, how ritual practices might endow objects with qualities that resist market values, the use of ritual in embodied practices of healing and care, and how ritual strengthens communities.

Contributors include Jeff Alessandrelli and Amy Lawless, Mitch Anzuoni, Justin Blinder, Catherine Chen, Jackie Clark, DJ Ashtrae, Ted Dodson, Shou Jie Eng, Future Host, Jeremy Hoevenaar, Mia Kang, Josef Kaplan, Rebecca Keith, Matthew Kosinski, Krystal Languell, Matt Longabucco, Cameron Quan Louie, Miranda Mellis, Feliz Lucia Molina, Devin N. Morris, Laura Mullen, Sarah Passino, Daniel Poppick, Judah Rubin, Danniel Schoonebeek, Cam Scott, Shelby Shaw, Josh Silver, Maya Sisneros (with David Bowles, Rodney Gomez, Emmy Pérez, José Antonio Rodríguez, and Veronica Sandoval aka Lady Mariposa), Eirik Steinhoff, Celina Su, Takáts Márk, Deirtra Thompson, David Whelan, Matthew Whitley, Rachael Guynn Wilson.

The publication of Ritual and Capital is the culmination of a series of public readings organized by Wendy’s Subway, a nonprofit organization in Brooklyn, as part of their Spring 2017 Reading Room residency at the Bard Graduate Center. Co-published by the Bard Graduate Center and Wendy’s Subway.