The Baroque palaces of seventeenth-century Rome were centers for much of the artistic and cultural activities of the city. This book presents some of the magnificent furnishings from these palaces and explains what they reveal of the social life and art patronage of the major families of the Eternal City during this period.

Written by the foremost scholars in the field, the book includes discussions of the relationship of Roman Baroque decorative arts and the development of palace architecture; arts and their connections to music and spectacle; artistic sources of Roman Baroque decorative arts; and life in the palaces as social and political theater. Examples of carved furniture, silver, liturgical objects, textiles, drawings, prints, and paintings are accompanied by interpretive entries and full documentation.

Table of Contents
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Chapter 1. The Artistic Sources and Development of Roman Baroque Decorative Arts
Stefanie Walker

Chapter 2. Inside the Palace: People and Furnishings
Patricia Waddy

Chapter 3: Setting the Noble Stage in Baroque Rome: Roman Palaces, Political Contect, and Social Theater, 1600-1799
Thomas Dandelet

Chapter 4: The Creation of a Roman Festival: Berberini Celebrations for Christina of Sweden
Frederick Hammond

Chapter 5: Inventions and Reality in Roman Still-Life Painting of the Seventeenth Century: Fioravanti and the Others
Eduard A. Safarik

Chapter 6: The Prince Defended: Arms and Armor in Seventeenth-Century Rome
Maria Giulia Barberini

Chapter 7: Decorating the Palace: Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni (1667-1740) in the Cancelleria
Edward J. Olszewski

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