The Zsolnay Manufactory represents a triumph of Hungarian applied arts, for during its heyday it produced elegant and innovative ceramics for an international clientele as well as architectural ceramics that embellished some of the finest public and private buildings in the Austro-Hungarian empire. This striking book recounts the story of the 150-year-old company and presents numerous examples of its work, showing how its changing fortunes reflect the cultural, economic, and political developments in Central and Eastern Europe.

The book provides an introduction and essays by European scholars that examine the manufactory’s history. They describe its founding, its years of international fame, its greatest achievements in both ceramics and architectural ceramics in the early twentieth century, its nationalization after the world wars and the Communist takeover, and its present workshop activities. The book provides new photographs of some two hundred objects and designs as well as a selection of fifty archival photographs from throughout the manufactory’s years of production. There are also detailed entries for all work shown, biographies of the manufactory’s premier artists and of Zsolnay family members, and a glossary of ceramics production techniques.

Éva Csenkey is curator of ceramics at the Museum of Applied Art, Budapest.

Table of Contents
Susan Weber Soros

Karoly Simon

Eva Csenkey and Edina Deme

Part I: Art Ceramics

European Ceramics in the Ages of Historicism and Art Nouveau
Barbara Mundt

Historicism in Zsolnay Ceremics
Orsolya Kovacs

The Creation of a National Style of Ornamentation at the End of the Nineteenth Century
Katalin Sinko

Zsolnay in the World Market
Eva Hars

Metamorphosis: The Art of the Zsolnay Factory During the Periods of Art Nouveau and Art Deco
Eva Csenkey

Catalogue of the Exhibition

Editor’s Note

Part III. Architectural Ceramics

Zsolnay Ceramics in the Service of Architecture
Zsuzsanna Mendol

Zsolnay Ceramics in the House of Parliament
Jozsef Sisa

The House of Parliament- Two Representative Interiors
Zsuzsanna Lovay

The Golden Age of Architectural Ceramics in Hungary
Janis Gerle

The Museum of Applied Arts (Iparmuveszeti Muzeum)
Piroska Acs

The Schmidl Family Mausoleum in the Jewish Cemetery of Budapest
Gyorgy Szego

The Exhibition Pavillions of Geza Maroti in Milan and Venice
Piroska Acs

Zsolnay Ceramics in the Civil Architecture of Szabadka (Subotica)
Viktorija Aladzic

Modern Pyrogranite in Pecs
Peter Mujdricza


Compiled by Eva Csenkey

Compiled by Kata Javor


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