The catalogue explores the cast-iron industry from a socio-economic and political perspective and provides a comprehensive examination of cast-iron work from 1800-1850. The flourishing of the cast iron industry during the first half of the 19th century under the aegis of the Prussian government, and the manner in which the industry became a major contributor to that nation’s economic development is examined in the catalogue. The history of the cast-iron industry is traced as well, from the manufacture of a diverse array of domestic objects to the construction of major engineering and architectural innovations.

Table of Contents
Susan Weber Soros

Derek E. Ostergard

The Iron Revolution in Britain, 1750-1825
Michael Stratton

The Road to Industrialization: Prussia, 1814-1848
Kenneth D. Barkin

Commerce and Industry in the Habsburg Empire in the Age of Matternich, 1815-1841
Leon Botstein

Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Berlin Cast Iron, 1810-1841
Ursula Ilse-Neuman

The Central European Cast-Iron Industries
Elisabeth Schmuttermeier

The Beginnings of Cast-Iron Garden Furniture Production
Georg Himmelheber

A History of Cast-Iron Jewelry
Brigitte Marquardt

A Passion for Antique Gems
E. Bryding Adams

A History of Cast-Iron Technology and the Prussian Iron Art Industry
Albrecht Pyritz

German Sculpture and Cast Iron: Berlin as Epicenter
Helmut Borsch-Supan

Catalogue of the Exhibition
Elisabeth Schmuttermeier and Derek E. Ostergard

Appendix: A Directory of Central European and British Cast-Iron Foundries
Compiled by Lisa Arcomano and Michael Stratton