New technologies frequently challenge our notions of distance by shifting perceptions of time and space which, in both subtle and radical ways, alter our relationships to our physical environments and social networks. This symposium focuses on recent advances in mobile technologies and new media and the ways that they are complicating, expanding, and disrupting our understanding of temporal, physical, and social distance. Papers presented will explore this topic through a variety of technologies that will help illuminate the changes, challenges, opportunities, and disorientations we face and their implications for the future.
Peter N. Miller
Dean and Professor, Bard Graduate Center

Jesse Merandy
Director of the Digital Media Lab, Bard Graduate Center

Shannon Mattern
Associate Professor, The New School
Coding Urban Pasts and Futures

Angel David NievesPresidential Visiting Associate Professor, Yale University; Associate Professor, History, San Diego State University
Queering Historical Recovery, Truth & Reconciliation in South Africa: Stompie Seipei, Winnie Mandela, and the Promise of Digital History

David Gagnon
Director, Field Day Lab, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling: Exploring the Ways that Places can Tell Their Stories with Mobile Media

Meryl Alper
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Northeastern University
Reconsidering Connection and Conversation through Disability and Communication Technology

Jason Farman
Associate Professor, American Studies and Director of the Design Cultures & Creativity Program, University of Maryland, College Park
Tactics for Waiting

Panel Discussion and Q&A
Moderated by Jesse Merandy
Director of the Digital Media Lab, Bard Graduate Center