Victor Prevost. New York Crystal Palace, ca. 1853-54. Salt print photograph. Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University.

As each of us moves through the city, we tread on layer-upon-layer of stories, deeply intermingled and often forgotten, and nowhere are these histories more densely packed than lower Manhattan. Join artist and curator Noah Fuller for a multi-sensory walking tour that teases out relationships between the Lenape, Bowery Boys, the immigrant workers of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, and the elite Fifth Avenue Association. We’ll examine how the city’s ruling class has continually sought to “reclaim” downtown from marginalized groups and consider how our “walking practice” can make us more engaged, responsible, and thoughtful New Yorkers. This program is in collaboration with Below the Grid Lab and created in partnership with Jack Tchen.

Noah Fuller is an artist and educator. He is the lead curator of “Lost Streets: Seward Park’s Fight for Housing Justice” and co-curator of “Haunted Files: The Eugenics Record Office” and “In the Shadow of the Highway: Robert Moses’ Expressway and the Battle for Downtown.”

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This Walking Tour is also available on July 25 at 6:30 pm.