Name: Clara Puton, MA ‘19
Hometown: Toronto, ON
College: McGill University

I remember the moment I received my acceptance to Bard Graduate Center vividly. I was on a train, traveling across southern Ontario, through the dark of an early spring evening. It was a familiar trip, one I made regularly while an undergraduate at McGill University. I can still recall the feeling of nerves, exhilaration, and pride that simultaneously swelled through me. What drew me to Bard Graduate Center has carried through to my experience here. With BGC’s diverse course offerings, I have engaged with my primary areas of interest while expanding my knowledge of materials, histories, and methodologies. Funding opportunities, like research fellowships, scholarships, and campus employment, have made my education attainable while fostering opportunities to learn from BGC faculty and staff, public communities, and New York City’s cultural institutions. The two-year framework of BGC’s MA was a key reason for attending as was the required internship, which led to my wonderful experience as the Collections Management and Curatorial Intern in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s (LACMA) Costume and Textiles Department. I know my time at Bard Graduate Center will continue to support my educational and professional development, even after I have left West 86th Street.