The Fields of the Future podcast amplifies the voices and highlights the work of scholars, artists, and writers who are injecting new narratives into object-centered thinking.

Fields of the Future: In Conversation
Join us for engaging conversations between BGC faculty and fellows and their guests. Listen to episodes on Life and Art on the Navajo Nation, Collaborative Conservation, Disability Objects in the Archives, and more.

Fields of the Future: Unraveling the Loom
In this installment of the podcast, BGC alums Juliana Fagua-Arias and Jessie Mordine Young speak with scholars, artists, and educators working with Indigenous textiles and textile history of the southwestern United States and Mexico.

Fields of the Future: there is nothing new about lace
In this installment of the podcast we talk about lace in Nigerian culture. Each episode explores the making, trade, and use of lace from a unique perspective.