The volumes in this series explore the ways human beings have shaped and interpreted the material world from the perspectives of archaeology, anthropology, art and design history, economic, cultural, and landscape history, history of science and technology, and philosophy. These volumes will self-consciously explore general issues about material evidence, as well as show how attention to materiality can contribute to a more precise historical understanding of specific times, places, ways, and means.

Read Daniel Lee’s essay on “Cultural Histories of the Material World”.

Series Editor
Peter N. Miller (Bard Graduate Center)

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New Release
Laura Leibman, The Art of the Jewish Family

Coming Attractions

Mariët Westermann on The Museum in the Cultural Sciences: Collecting, Displaying, and Interpreting Material Culture in the Twentieth Century, Edited by Peter N. Miller (Spring 2021)

Hanna B. Hölling on Object—Event—Performance: Art, Materiality, and Continuity since the 1960s (Spring 2021)

Nathan Schlanger on André Leroi-Gourhan on Technology, Evolution, and Social Life: a Selection of Writings from the 1930s to the 1960s (Fall 2021)