“African American intellectual history is the act of really thinking seriously about Black people as thinkers.”

In This Episode
Peter N. Miller speaks to Brandon R. Byrd, historian of Black intellectual and social history, about the scope of intellectual history, the “rise” of Black intellectual history, and the urgent necessity to incorporate stories and knowledges that have been left out of the field. Through lively and deliberate intellectual exchange, Byrd and Miller explore a discipline in flux.

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Brandon R. Byrd is a historian of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Black intellectual and social history, with a special focus on Black internationalism. His book, The Black Republic: African Americans and the Fate of Haiti (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020), recovers a crucial and overlooked chapter of Black internationalism and political thought by exploring the attitudes that US Black intellectuals in the post-Civil War era held toward Haiti. Dr. Byrd teaches history at Vanderbilt University and he is also the co-editor of the Black Lives and Liberation series published by Vanderbilt University Press.
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