The Research Forum is our magazine-like section devoted to the research life of Bard Graduate Center.

The theme for the 2020–21 academic year at Bard Graduate Center explores the question “How Do We Know?” Our new Fields of the Future podcast amplifies the voices and highlights the work of scholars, artists, and writers who are injecting new narratives into object-centered thinking. Former Visiting Fellow Beth Piatote writes about her time at BGC in her contribution to “Fellows Talk.” The inspirational role of research for teaching is the subject of a new series launched in Spring 2020. Short interviews on research topics can be found in “Three Questions.” Forthcoming publications in “Cultural Histories of the Material World” are now being previewed in advance of their appearance. And object study is reduced to its basic building block in “One More Thing,” a bite-sized bit of material culture for people in a hurry.

The Research Forum publishes original scholarship in the form of individual essays or ongoing series. It also contains links to scholarly content performed in BGC’s Lecture Hall on West 86th Street. Depth of content can be explored through the archive by time and place, but also by series and by areas of particular institutional focus.