Below is a list of submitted qualifying projects from the past three years. For a complete list of MA theses and qualifying projects, visit our library website.

Class of 2020

Fashioning the Northwest Coast: 200 Years of Indigenous Dress
Allen, Laura

The Head and the Hand: Hospitality and Collaborative Craftsmanship
Birkett, Jordane

Playing Tourist: The Grand Tour and Cartographic Board Games of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
De Cola, Christina

“Shoulders down; arms back; chest open; and waistband properly HIGH up”: Dandyism, Fashion, and the Perception of Masculinity in Late-Georgian Britain
Dee Collins, Nicole

The Crafting of Skins and Laws: Legislative Rhetoric, Handicraft Production, and Indigenous Alaskan Identity
Hayflick, Emily

Designing Destruction: Archizoom Associati’s “Superonda” Sofa as Radical Critique
Koehn, Elizabeth

Make It Real: Fantasy and Development of Interwar Japanese Girls’ Culture
Lin, Chi-Lynn

Tao and Ci: The 1908 Ceramics Exhibition in Late Qing Shanghai and the Emergence of Modern Chinese Cultural Nationalism
Liu, Jinyi

A Taste for Death: Love, Humor, and Suicide in an Eighteenth-Century English Recipe Book
Mazzone, Jacqueline

Logic, Nervousness, and Architecture in Vienna: Two Studies in the Unhomely
Neibergall, Will

Fashion Playground: The Relation between Fashion and the Body in the Spaces for Comme des Garçons
Rong, Yi

Ghostly Traces and Haunted Labor: The Sincere Craft of Janine Antoni
Schwabe, Rachael

Space Sells: The Life and Times of a “Tin” Toy Mars Gun Made in Japan
Warner, Madeline

I Have Seen Her in the Mirror: Elsa Schiaparelli, Surrealist Fashion, and Female Agency
Weindling, Danielle

Photography and the Roycroft Press: Photogravures, Halftones, and Mythmaking in East Aurora
Weintraub-Weissman, Caleb

“A Few Diamonds, Judiciously Worn”: Jewelry, Etiquette, and Feminine Virtue in the Gilded Age
Winkler, Alice

Ecology by Design: Biosphere 2 and Closed-System Design in the Space Age
Zhou, Coco

Class of 2019

Setting the Modern Table: American Flatware and the Domestication of Stainless Steel
Boven, Jessica

Dressing the Strange Artist: Fashion and Fame in Georges Clairin’s “Portrait de Sarah Bernhardt
Brekka, Dylan

Buttons to Banners: The Material Culture of Museum Marketing
Clary, Taryn

“Grandeur Now Departed”: Race, Nationalism, and the Aesthetic of Nostalgia in the Brooklyn Museum Southern Period Rooms”
Goldsher, Tessa

Morbid Consumption: The Commodification of Mummies in Victorian England.
Jaffe, Bates

Sensing Sassafras: Materia Medica Exchange in the British Atlantic
Jepson, Drew

Very Much American: The Education, Travels, and Legacy of Thomas Gold Appleton, 1812–1884
Johnson, Sybil

Elizabeth Robins Pennell’s Cookery Book:
A Symphony in the Gender Politics of Nineteenth-Century Dining
Outcalt, Leela

Lacing a Nation: Renaissance Lace Revivalism and the Scuola Merletti di Burano in Post-Unification and Fascist Italy
Puton, Clara

Familiar Narratives and Clothing Caricatures: The Realities of Tex Avery’s Imaginary Universe.
Smith, Skylar

Plush: Wall-to-Wall Liberation
Swanson, Sophie

Voices in Stone: An Exploration of the Use of Pounamu in the Contemporary Jewelry of Aotearoa New Zealand
Teague, Christianne

Rose Slivka and the Crafting of Craft Horizons, 1955–1979
Terrell, Collen

Conspicuous Cataloging: An Investigation of Collections Management in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Museum
Tichenor, Bailey

European Turned Ivories at the Court of the Kangxi Emperor: A Study in Early Modern Cross-Cultural Relations
Zhou, Joyce

Class of 2018

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: An Interpretation of Nicola da Urbino’s Calini and Valenti-Gambara Credenze
Adams, Daisy

Problems of the Minoan “Snake Goddess”: Reconsidering the Faience Figurines from the Temple Repositories at Knossos
Burrows, Lolly

Kami in the Maker, Kami in the Making: Arts and Crafts, Mingei Theory, and the Spirtualizing of Japanese Woodcraft in the USA
Carlisle, Anne

The Ornament of Nineteenth-Century Athens
Celestin, Cassanra

Commercial Ephemera at the Fin-de-siècle: A Study of Au Bon Marché Chromos
Cormac, Emma

Dressing for the Future: Military Uniforms and Nation-Building in Meiji Japan
Creveling, Neil

Presenting Identity and Culture in the Era of Exclusion: The Chinese Empire Reform Association and Chinese Restaurants in Butte and New York City
Crispell, Madeline

A History of Trash in Sight
Ding, Jaime

Reading the Queer Photo Book: Tactility and Surface in Catherine Opie’s 700 Nimes Road
Groomes-Klotz, Zoe

Shaker Packaging: The Design of Patent Medicines
Horne, Brockett

Forming and Transforming Knowledge: Early Ethnographic Approaches to Understanding Northern Material Culture in Seventeenth-Century Europe
Lettere, Gaia

Ambiguous Script: The Efficacy of the Written Word across Twelfth-Century Fāṭimid Lands
Lynch, Meghan

The Performative Female Body: Costume and Athleticism at the New York Hippodrome, 1905-1917
Merriman, Rebecca

A Good Craft: Nineteenth-Century Quaker Influence on Occupational Therapy in Twentieth-Century New York City
Miller, Jeanette

Statement Jewelry, 1887 BCE–Present: A View from the Jeweler’s Bench
Nixon, Sasha

American Fashion with an Eastern Twist: An Exhibition of Modern Fabrics in Retrospect
Patke, Pallayi

Spinning Women in the Bronze and Iron Ages: Using Data to Reveal the Symbolic and Economic Resonance of the Spindle Whorl
Reetz, Sarah

Porcelain, Prestige, and Power: Louis XV’s Sèvres in Diplomacy
Schroeder, Avery

An Imperial Spectacle of Power and Ingenuity: Rudolf II’s 1585 Mechanical Galleon
Wang, Shuning

Kraków to Lausanne: Self-Representation in Polish Tapestry, 1550-1970
Wos, Carson