Below is a list of submitted qualifying projects from the past three years. For a complete list of MA theses and qualifying projects, visit our library website.

Class of 2019

Setting the Modern Table: American Flatware and the Domestication of Stainless Steel
Boven, Jessica

Dressing the Strange Artist: Fashion and Fame in Georges Clairin’s “Portrait de Sarah Bernhardt
Brekka, Dylan

Buttons to Banners: The Material Culture of Museum Marketing
Clary, Taryn

“Grandeur Now Departed”: Race, Nationalism, and the Aesthetic of Nostalgia in the Brooklyn Museum Southern Period Rooms”
Goldsher, Tessa

Morbid Consumption: The Commodification of Mummies in Victorian England.
Jaffe, Bates

Sensing Sassafras: Materia Medica Exchange in the British Atlantic
Jepson, Drew

Very Much American: The Education, Travels, and Legacy of Thomas Gold Appleton, 1812–1884
Johnson, Sybil

Elizabeth Robins Pennell’s Cookery Book:
A Symphony in the Gender Politics of Nineteenth-Century Dining
Outcalt, Leela

Lacing a Nation: Renaissance Lace Revivalism and the Scuola Merletti di Burano in Post-Unification and Fascist Italy
Puton, Clara

Familiar Narratives and Clothing Caricatures: The Realities of Tex Avery’s Imaginary Universe.
Smith, Skylar

Plush: Wall-to-Wall Liberation
Swanson, Sophie

Voices in Stone: An Exploration of the Use of Pounamu in the Contemporary Jewelry of Aotearoa New Zealand
Teague, Christianne

Rose Slivka and the Crafting of Craft Horizons, 1955–1979
Terrell, Collen

Conspicuous Cataloging: An Investigation of Collections Management in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Museum
Tichenor, Bailey

European Turned Ivories at the Court of the Kangxi Emperor: A Study in Early Modern Cross-Cultural Relations
Zhou, Joyce

Class of 2018

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: An Interpretation of Nicola da Urbino’s Calini and Valenti-Gambara Credenze
Adams, Daisy

Problems of the Minoan “Snake Goddess”: Reconsidering the Faience Figurines from the Temple Repositories at Knossos
Burrows, Lolly

Kami in the Maker, Kami in the Making: Arts and Crafts, Mingei Theory, and the Spirtualizing of Japanese Woodcraft in the USA
Carlisle, Anne

The Ornament of Nineteenth-Century Athens
Celestin, Cassanra

Commercial Ephemera at the Fin-de-siècle: A Study of Au Bon Marché Chromos
Cormac, Emma

Dressing for the Future: Military Uniforms and Nation-Building in Meiji Japan
Creveling, Neil

Presenting Identity and Culture in the Era of Exclusion: The Chinese Empire Reform Association and Chinese Restaurants in Butte and New York City
Crispell, Madeline

A History of Trash in Sight
Ding, Jaime

Reading the Queer Photo Book: Tactility and Surface in Catherine Opie’s 700 Nimes Road
Groomes-Klotz, Zoe

Shaker Packaging: The Design of Patent Medicines
Horne, Brockett

Forming and Transforming Knowledge: Early Ethnographic Approaches to Understanding Northern Material Culture in Seventeenth-Century Europe
Lettere, Gaia

Ambiguous Script: The Efficacy of the Written Word across Twelfth-Century Fāṭimid Lands
Lynch, Meghan

The Performative Female Body: Costume and Athleticism at the New York Hippodrome, 1905-1917
Merriman, Rebecca

A Good Craft: Nineteenth-Century Quaker Influence on Occupational Therapy in Twentieth-Century New York City
Miller, Jeanette

Statement Jewelry, 1887 BCE–Present: A View from the Jeweler’s Bench
Nixon, Sasha

American Fashion with an Eastern Twist: An Exhibition of Modern Fabrics in Retrospect
Patke, Pallayi

Spinning Women in the Bronze and Iron Ages: Using Data to Reveal the Symbolic and Economic Resonance of the Spindle Whorl
Reetz, Sarah

Porcelain, Prestige, and Power: Louis XV’s Sèvres in Diplomacy
Schroeder, Avery

An Imperial Spectacle of Power and Ingenuity: Rudolf II’s 1585 Mechanical Galleon
Wang, Shuning

Kraków to Lausanne: Self-Representation in Polish Tapestry, 1550-1970
Wos, Carson

Class of 2017

The Metallic Sphere as Mechanical Eye: Reflected Identities at the Bauhaus
Allen, Persephone

Portals, Vessels, and Seams: The Seal in Yup’ik Material Culture
Beuscher, Alexandra

The Birth of ‘Millionaire’s Taste’: Famille Noire in Western Collections
Dewberry, Michael

Art and Imperial Allegory: The Glass Deckelpokal of Archduke Ferdinand II
Donefer-Hickie, Ana Matisse

The Presence of the Past: Influence of Porcelain Production on Contemporary Art from Jingdezhen
Ekstrand, Anna-Mikaela

The History and Continuing Impact of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Field, Emily

Cooking for the Masses: An Examination of Eighteenth-Century Tavern Cookbooks and the Urban Metropolis
Frick, Margaret

“Who Tells Your Story?” Online Audiences and Museums of Early American History
Hinkle, Amanda

The Rustiques Figulines of Bernard Palissy
Hunter, Susan

Prosthetic Bodies in Public Space: The Reception and Perception of the Crinoline in France, 1856-1867
Jaramillo-Vélez, Irene

The Qur’an of ‘Uthmān: From Religion to Political Legitimacy
Malik, Aleena

Crystal Palaces, Glass Houses, and Geodesic Domes: The VSI Study House Nr. 1 and Its Antecedents
Moloney, Sheila

Zippos at the Wall: Engraved Lighters in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection
Parker, Michael

From Mexico to Black Mountain College: Josef Albers, Clara Porset, and the Butaque
Reff, Grace

“The Everlasting Fire of Achievement”: An Examination of the Life and Career of Ceramic Artist Mary Chase Perry (1867-1961)
Stergar, Catherine

Women as Flock, Woman as Shepherd: Croziers and Gender Performance in the Middle Ages
Turner, Darienne

The Makings of a Character: Aging, Gender, and Sexuality in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Operetta Patience
Velazquez, Alyssa

A New Deal for the Parks: Interpretation and Poster Advertising for the National Park Service, 1938-1941
Westenberg, Nadia