Graduate Internship:
Blue: The Tatter Textile Library

Digital Project Requirement:

Spring 2020 Interlaced Traditions course

Qualifying Paper:
On Anne Wilson and Winding the Warp: Embodied and Tacit Knowledge in Contemporary Textile Art

Describe one surprising discovery during your QP research:
I would like to continue developing the topic in much further depth. At first I thought I would be satisfied with the length of this, but I have much more to say.

Next Steps:
I will be working as the Managing Editor of the Tatter Journal and Tatter blog at Tatter Library in Brooklyn. I am also excited to work on Bard Graduate Center’s Fields of the Future podcast with my classmate Juliana Fagua Arias and to participate in a one month art and research residency in Oaxaca to perform textile research with the travel and research fund. I also have my own textile art practice where I make one-of-a-kind handwoven and naturally dyed textiles. I hope to one day teach textile history and textile art at an undergraduate level.