Topics in Ancient Furniture

Beginning with the earliest indications of furniture in the Neolithic period, a history of ancient furniture is reconstructed from existing evidence, including ancient texts and depictions of furniture in ancient art, with special reference to the great collections of Egyptian, ancient Near Eastern, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman furniture recovered in archaeological excavations. Furniture made from metal, stone, and wood has survived, along with the ivory and metal fittings that were once attached to wood furniture that has long since deteriorated. Ancient wood­working techniques can be identified from these remains, and the creative mentality of ancient cabinetmakers can at times be discerned. Highly esteemed in antiquity, ancient furniture was influential in more recent periods as well; the furniture that inspired Egyptianizing and neoclassical styles is studied, along with styles that flourished but disappeared before the beginning of the Middle Ages. 3 credits. Satisfies pre-1800 or non-Western requirement.