Richard Tuttle: What is the Object? will explore the meaning of objects for celebrated contemporary American artist Richard Tuttle, an inveterate collector whose taste is eclectic and very personal. Part exhibition, part artwork, Richard Tuttle: What is the Object? will be a meaning-making experience; a way for the artist and audience to explore his process. Visitors will be invited to a tactile interaction with 75 items drawn from Tuttle’s personal collection of objects, touching and exploring items ranging from ceramic teacups and decorative sculptures to vintage fabrics and antique curios. Each object will be accompanied by an index card outlining its biography—Tuttle’s original encounter with the object, how it entered his collection, artwork he produced in some relationship to it, and a text written by Tuttle about this relationship. The exhibition will also feature some of Tuttle’s art works as well as sculptural furniture he designed to display the objects, calling into question What is the Object?