Join Ittai Weinryb, curator of the exhibition Agents of Faith: Votive Objects in Time and Place for an in-depth tour that will give audiences a behind the scenes look at this expansive exhibition. Encompassing exquisite works of art as well as those of humble origin crafted from modest material, more than 300 objects dating from 2000 BC to the twenty-first century will be on display. Powerful works from sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, representing the majority of world religions, will expose the global nature of votive practices and the profoundly personal nature behind their creation.
Ittai Weinryb is an Associate Professor at Bard Graduate Center. His areas of special interest are Medieval European Artistic and Material Culture; Anthropology of Image Making; and Geography of the Art. Weinryb’s awards and fellowships include the following: Adolf Katzenellenbogen Prize, Robert and Nancy Hall Fellow, the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore; and Max Planck Doctoral Fellow at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence. Publications include: Hildesheim Avant-Garde: Bronze, Columns, and Colonialism, Speculum 93/3 (July 2018); The Bronze Object in the Middle Ages. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016; and Images at Work, a special issue of Representations vol. 133 (Winter 2016).

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