DIY at Bard Graduate Center is a public festival that explores different approaches to making. DIY@BGC gathers together thinkers, curators, and artists to reflect on their own immersive approaches to creating scholarship, writing, visual art, and choreography. This interdisciplinary event takes inspiration from our current exhibitions, Fabricating Power with Balinese Textiles and The Codex and Crafts in Late Antiquity, in which each curator’s research explores craft processes as experiential and devotional acts.

Full Festival Schedule:

Monday, May 7
6:30 pm
Creativity, Choreography, and Embodied Knowledge
Timothy Ingold and Stephen Petronio in Conversation
Moderated by Dean Peter N. Miller

Thursday, May 10
6:30 pm
Resistance, Power, and Transformation
Tanya Aguiñiga and Sheila Pepe in Conversation
Moderated by Elissa Auther

Friday, May 11
6:30 pm
Some Methodologies of Making
Thomas Thwaites, Janine di Giovanni, and Nomi Stone in conversation

Saturday May 12
2–4 pm
Biocentric Interconnectedness: We All Contribute to the Web
A participatory performance in with artist-in-residence Neil Goss
Drop in any point and stay as long as you like

Timothy Ingold is the Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen. His current research explores the dynamics of pedestrian movement, the creativity of practice, and the linearity of writing. Publications include “Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture” (2013) and “The Perception of the Environment: Essays on Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill” (2000), The Life of Lines (2015).

Stephen Petronio
is an award-winning choreographer who has honed a unique language of movement that speaks to the intuitive and complex possibilities of the body informed by its shifting cultural context. Petronio has created over 35 works for his company and has been commissioned by some of the world’s most prestigious modern and ballet companies.