Ian Hodder, Tim Murray, and Alain Schnapp will be joining us for a panel discussion, entitled “Archaeology and Material Culture,” on Thursday, April 11, 2013, from 12 to 2pm.

In this moderated panel discussion at the BGC, Ian Hodder, Tim Murray, and Alain Schnapp will explore the past, present, and future relationship between archaeology and material culture from historical and methodological perspectives. In considering the possible future relationship between these two research fields and academic subjects, the panelists will attempt to answer some of the following questions: What impact might thinking about this connection have on the pursuit of either named practice? Will material culture blend back into archaeology? Will archaeology become – possibly in part or in whole – material culture, or something that might be called material culture but perhaps look different from what is currently considered “material culture”? What will the impact of the digital likely have on these forms of studying the material?

Ian Hodder is Professor of Anthropology and Dunlevie Family Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University. He received his BA in Prehistoric Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology at London University and his PhD on the subject of “spatial analysis in archaeology” at Cambridge University. Hodder has been conducting the excavation of the 9,000 year-old Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk in central Turkey since 1993. The 25-year project has three aims: to place the art from the site in its full environmental, economic, and social context; to conserve the paintings, plasters, and mud walls; and to present the site to the public.

Tim Murray
is Executive Dean and Charles La Trobe Professor of Archaeology at La Trobe University. He received his BA and PhD from the University of Sydney. He has also taught at the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, Cambridge University, the University of Leiden (The Netherlands), the Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), the Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales (Paris), and the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 2003 and Fellow of the Academy of the Humanities in Australia in the same year.

Alain Schnapp
is Professor of Greek Archaeology at University of Paris I (Pathéon-Sorbonne), a former director of the Department for Art History and Archaeology at University of Paris I, and General Director of the National Institute for Art History (INHA). He has also taught at Princeton University, the University of Naples, the University of Perugia, Cambridge University, University of California, Los Angeles, and Heidelberg University. His research activities have focused on three areas: the anthropology of image in Ancient Greece, the history of archaeology, and urban studies of cities and territories in the Greek world.

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