For kids ages 8–14 this three-session workshop is designed to inspire and grow their appreciation and interest in art. Participants explore drawing through different media. Kids develop their own unique perspective on portraiture, architecture, and animation.

February 27
Session I: Contours of Yourself
Matthew Burcaw introduces the art of contour drawing using pencil and wire. Kids experiment with shadow, line, and complete a series of portraits.

March 5
Session II: Skyline
Participants focus on architecture and the skyline using pencil and wire. They continue their projects and delve into the animation process.

March 12
Session III: Self in the City
Kids bring their wire portraits and buildings to life through stop motion animation.

Matthew Burcaw is a visual artist and educator. He received his MFA from Parsons The New School of Design in 2006. In 2007–2008 he participated in AIM28 at The Bronx Museum. My Aquatic Slumber was reviewed in the Village Voice for the AIM28 group show. In May 2008 he had a solo show at The Bronx Blue Bedroom Project. In Stamford, Connecticut, he was a member, then the president for two years, of the Loft Artist Association, organizing group shows and community outreach, and served as curator of the Stamford Mayor’s Gallery from 1997 to 2002. Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Matthew currently resides in the Bronx, New York.

View Matthew Burcaw’s portfolio here