Marionettes march us through a day of activities that include puppet, toy-making workshops, and gallery based activities. Members of the Swedish-based puppet troupe Marionetteatern will bring their marionettes to life and dazzle us with a special performance. The Brooklyn-based organization ConstructionKids lead a toy-making workshop to help kids be more creative and share in the joy of building, revising, repairing, and problem solving. Drop by the galleries to hear live music and use our unique kid-friendly activity cards to experience the exhibition, Swedish Wooden Toys. Bring a toy for donation!

: live music in the galleries with Phyllis Chen, interactive gallery activity cards

: performance and workshop by Marionetteatern Puppet Troupe

: Drop-in toy-making workshop with ConstructionKids

: performance and workshop by Marionetteatern Puppet Troupe

Marionetteatern is a Swedish theatre group that is part of the Marionetteatern, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm.

is an organization that introduces kids to a broad range of materials, tools and projects that are scaled for small hands.

Phyllis Chen
is a pianist, toy pianist and composer. Her albums include Cuddle Magic & Phyllis Chen (FYO Records, 2014) and little things (New Focus Recordings, 2013). She is one of the founding members the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), based in New York City.