Educator-led tours highlight two fascinating exhibitions: the first highlights the significant connections between the silhouette and fashionable popular culture, as the second speaks about the evolution of computer technology and the user experience.

Learn about our exciting outreach programs for your students, engage in a hands-on workshop to create a small artwork, and receive complimentary educator resources.

Fashioning the Body: An Intimate History of the Silhouette examines the extraordinary ways in which women and men have shaped their bodies into distinctive silhouettes in the name of fashion. Students will encounter the three-dimensional sculptural qualities found in fashion, their social and cultural implications, as well as the broad array of construction techniques and materials from the seventeenth-century to today.

The Interface Experience: Forty Years of Personal Computing surveys the design, software, and user experience in the evolution of computer technology. Through tactile and interactive displays, students will experience distinctive characteristics of how personal computers have influenced and aided our pursuit of connecting to the world around us.

4–5pm: Exhibition tours
5–7pm: Hands-on workshop & reception

Registration is strongly recommended.