Secondhand Culture: Waste, Value, and Materiality explores the ways in which objects ranging from clothing to collectibles to trash have been constructed and experienced. Scholars of Theater, History, Geography, and Art and Design History discuss this vital new area at the intersection of consumerism, material culture studies, cultural geography, and artmaking.

April 15

Michele Majer
Bard Graduate Center

Film Screening: “Secondhand (Pepe),” (2007)
Followed by Q&A with the filmmakers Hanna Rose Shell and Vanessa Bertozzi

William Davies King
Professor of Theater, University of California Santa Barbara
Suited for Nothing: Collecting Second-Hand

April 16

Catherine Whalen
Bard Graduate Center

Shirley Teresa Wajda
Secondhand Culture Studies: A View from the Rust Belt

Alexandra Palmer
Senior Curator, Royal Ontario Museum
Back to Back: Retro-fitting Fashion within the Museum

Alison Isenberg
Associate Professor, History, Rutgers University
Second-Hand Cities: Antiques, Inheritance, and Preservation from the Civil War to Urban Renewal

Nicky Gregson
Professor, Geography, University of Sheffield
Death, the Phoenix, and Pandora: End of Life Ships, Chock-Chocky Furniture and the Bangladeshi Middle Class

Marilynn Gelfman Karp
Emeritus Professor of Art, New York University
In Flagrante Collecto: Caught in the Act of Collecting

Susan Strasser
Professor, History, University of Delaware

Open Discussion
Moderated by Amy Ogata, Bard Graduate Center

Organized by Pat Kirkham, Professor; Michele Majer, Assistant Professor; Amy Ogata, Associate Professor; Catherine Whalen, Assistant Professor.