Anke te Heesen will present at the Seminar in Cultural History on Tuesday, March 28, at 6 pm. Her talk is entitled “Getting Art and Science Together in the 1970s and 1980s: An Exhibition History.”

In this talk, te Heesen will discuss some important exhibitions from the 1970s. She will argue that a special kind of presentation emerged that made it its goal to unite art and science, aesthetics and practice, senses and intellect.

Anke te Heesen is Professor of the History of Science at the Institute for History at Humboldt University in Berlin. She was the Founding Director of MUT (Museum of the University of Tübingen), where she curated several exhibitions. Prior to this she worked as a Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Her main books are The World in a Box: The Story of an Eighteenth-Century Picture Encyclopedia (translation 2002) and The Newspaper Clipping: A Modern Paper Object (translation 2014). Recently she published Theorien des Museums (2012) and together with Margarete Vöhringer Wissenschaft im Museu: Ausstellung im Labor (2014).