Lissy Mineo-Gonzalez
will give a Brown Bag Lunch presentation on Friday, February 18, at 12:15 pm. Her talk is entitled “Reckoning with Erasure.”

The triad of cultures that make one Dominican are muddled. As a young immigrant, Lissy Mineo-Gonzalez lost out on learning her ancestral history on the small Caribbean Island. This talk outlines how she uses her artistic practice to trace her roots, celebrate the matriarch that brought her to New York City, and examine both the personal and historical loss of culture caused by multiple forces.

Lissy Mineo-Gonzalez is a Dominican born interdisciplinary artist inspired by the juxtaposition between urbanization and the natural world. Her relationship to this friction stems from the disparate environments occupied by herself, her family and her ancestors. Her themes explore the spectrum of eco-feminism, relationships between humans and non-human animals and plants, extinction, impermanence, and the intangibility of human consciousness.

In 2020, Lissy was chosen to be an artist in residence at AlterWork Studios–in partnership with Back to the Lab NYC. In 2021, Lissy exhibited her work at AlterWork Studios in Queens, NY, and Gallery Petite in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is featured in En Foco’s online Apartment Gallery Series exhibition, Under Our Feet As Above Our Heads.
This event will be held via Zoom. A link will be circulated to registrants by 10 am on the day of the event. This event will be live with automatic captions.