Worldwide lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic restricted travel, public gatherings, and live performances for much of 2020. Despite this confinement, creativity and artistic production blossomed in many spaces and cultures; as the saying goes, sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. Disabled culture is actually a multiplicity of cultures that encompass a broad range of identities and talents. Discover the many ways in which disabled people have showcased their artistry and reflected their cultures during the pandemic. Join us for a live conversation led by Dr. Therí A. Pickens.

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Therí A. Pickens
’s research focuses on Arab American and African American literatures and cultures, Disability studies, philosophy, and literary theory. Selected titles include, Black Madness :: Mad Blackness, (Duke University Press in 2019) and New Body Politics: Narrating Arab and Black Identity in the Contemporary United States (Routledge, 2014). Dr. Pickens has also written for Ms. Magazine, The Root, Medium, and more recently, the Washington Post. She is a professor of English at Bates College.

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