Compact. Maker: Lacloche Frères, c. 1925. Gold, enamel, diamond and pearl. Height 1 x Width 3.8 x Length 8.2cm. Collection of Liang Yi Museum (LYMV-020).

This symposium will explore the complexity of material culture and design in Asian cultures, focusing on four themes: the nature and experience of materiality, the social effect of material culture, aesthetics as a cultural expression, and the biography of a design. Speakers will examine examples from different cultures that reveal distinctive characteristics in Asian designs, including architecture, ceramics, decorative art, fashion, furniture, graphic, and interior design. Discussions will reveal intricate historical and social dynamics that are fundamental to design innovation and cultural revitalization.
Day 1: Thursday, March 18, 9:30-11:30
Day 2: Friday, March 19, 9:30-11:30

A more detailed scheduled will be posted shortly.