$750.00 Child

Camp runs from July 25–29.

ConstructionKids has an alternative to screen-based games…we build our own! This week embeds STEM learning about force, motion, and math (at age-appropriate levels) into the creative process. Toys and Games is an engaging, surprising week of making our own foosball tables, maze boards, marble runs and toys that launch stuff. Toys and Games demonstrates the capacity children have to be creators of their own entertainment rather than passive consumers. Don’t just play a game: Make it!

ConstructionKids’ Summer Camps are known for the dynamic projects campers build. Imagine what happens when you combine a kid’s love of building, a bunch of friends, and a week of time to explore their imaginations. Campers 4 to 9 years old, work on individual and group projects with real tools and materials. We teach safe, appropriate tool usage, along with drawing and painting. Creativity and problem solving are encouraged. Our goal is to foster each child’s confidence and self-assurance so that their skills at designing, making, repairing, and revising are unlimited—like their imaginations. Summer camp is about having fun, making new friends, bonding with staff, and building really cool stuff.