Our Materials Spotlight series is an intimate gallery program that is part gallery tour, part seminar. Focusing each month on a different material that Eileen Gray used in her work, this program is led by a world expert, who will highlight key aspects of specific works in the Gallery and situation those works in a larger context and lineage.

On Wednesday, June 17, join Ruth Starr, as she leads a conversation and tour focusing on one of Eileen Gray’s most iconic materials, lacquer.

Other Tours in the Series Include:

Wednesday, March 18
Metal Furniture
Led by Christopher Wilk

Wednesday, April 15
Led by Caroline Constant

Wednesday, May 20
Led by Jennifer Goff

Ruth Starr is a historian of Japanese art (including Japanese crafts) from the earliest times to the 20th century. Starr’s current research seeks to untangle the web of connections linking Japanese art and European art, following the common thread of lacquerware. Her major interest is how these links were manifest in Ireland during the Japonisme movement of the late 19th Century, particularly the Japanese influence on Eileen Gray, (1878- 1976); also Japonisme in 19th and 20th century Ireland and lacquerware in Japan and Europe.