Chris Breward will present at the Modern Design History Seminar on Tuesday, April 14, at 6 pm. His talk is entitled “Between the Gallery and the Academy: Adventures in Art, Fashion, and Design.”

Over the past thirty years Christopher Breward has worked on the culture of fashion in the context of the art school, the decorative arts museum, the university, and the art gallery. In this lecture he will reflect on some of the highlights, and discuss the practice of research, writing, and curating, developments in the public perception of fashion as a subject, and potential futures for the field.

Chris Breward is Director of Collection and Research at the National Galleries of Scotland. He was trained at the Courtauld Institute and the Royal College of Art, London and has previously worked as Head of Research at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and as Principal of Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. His published interests include the relationship between Art and Fashion, Visual and cultural histories of masculinity, and histories of city life.