Doctoral Dissertations in Progress
  • Decentralized Objects: Non-Fungible Tokens in Age of Web 3
    Assis, Michael
  • Templates of Thought: Patterning Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Ornament Prints
    De Godoy Lopes, Nicholas
  • Mapping an American Chair Form: The History and Evolution of the Butaca
    De Leon, Christina
  • Fashioning the Identities of Settler Women in Algeria during the 1930s
    Desemerie, Pierre-Jean
  • Bringing Theory to Form: Katherine and Michael McCoy, the Cranbrook Academy of Art, and the Expanded Discourse of Design, 1971–2005
    Fanning, Colin
  • Dance’s Imprint: Choreography of the Visual Avant-Garders
    Folkman, Marjorie
  • A Sense of Emergent Order: Post-Humanistic Ornament, Rhythm, and Possible Futures
    Jenkins, Chika
  • Rocky Utopias: An Archaeology of Jewish Agricultural Collectives in Colorado
    Kadish, Tova
  • Utopian Shores: Visionary Design and Its Limits in the 1960s
    Koehn, Elizabeth
  • Taking Refuge in Print: Immigrant Engravers from the Southern Netherlands in Cologne, 1570–1610
    Lillie, Julia
  • From Kherlen River to Yanjing: Crafts and Cultural Diversity in the Kitan-Liao Empire
    Liu, Boxi
  • The Sized Body: Standardized Sizing Technology and Normalcy in New York Fashion, 1860–1910
    McClendon, Emma
  • The Taste for Marble and Hardstone Objects in France, 1700–1815
    Ripert, Geoffrey
  • A History and Theory of Mending
    Sekules, Kate
  • The Development of Costume Conservation in North America and Britain, 1964-1986
    Scaturro, Sarah
  • Crafting the Brilliant Cut: The Indian Diamond in England, 1650-1750
    Stewart, Courtney
  • Florida Seminole and Miccosukee Patchwork and the Mediation of Settler Colonial Encounters, 1918–Present
    Thompson, Amanda
  • Reassembling George Catlin’s Indian Gallery: Material Culture and the Performance of Ethnographic Realism
    Treier, Leonie
  • Fashion in LIFE, 1936–1972
    Tuite, Rebecca
  • From Obscurity to Celebrity: Zhangzhou Ceramics for Japan
    Yang, Xiaoyi