Photo by Fresco Photography.

PhD dissertation titles and MA qualifying paper titles are listed below each student’s name.

Doctor of Philosophy

Pengliang Lu, Shanghai, China
“Bronzes of the Yuan Dynasty, 1271–1368”

Thomas Daniel Tredway, Long Beach, CA
“Dinner at Tiffany’s: Walter Hoving, Van Day Truex, and the Arts of the Table at Tiffany & Co., 1955–1980”

Master of Philosophy

Lauren Vollono Drapala, Freeport, NY
“Making Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney’s Artist Studio: Female Patronage, Transgressive Feminism, and the Rise and Fall of the Artist-Decorator in the Early Twentieth-Century United States of America”

Chika Matsuzaki Jenkins, Tokyo, Japan
“A Sense of Emergent Order: Post-Humanistic Ornament, Rhythm, and Possible Futures”

Tova Kadish, Chicago, IL
“Rocky Utopias: An Archaeology of Jewish Agricultural Collectives in Colorado”

Emma Calvert McClendon, Big Indian, NY
“The Sized Body: Standardized Sizing Technology and Normalcy in New York Fashion, 1860–1910”

Kate Sekules, London, England; Brooklyn, NY
“A History and Theory of Mending”

Master of Arts

R. Heath Ballowe, Lynchburg, VA
“They Sound Different When They Break: The Scientific Struggle to Produce English Porcelain, 1672–1821”

Daniel Foster Chamberlin, Watkinsville, GA
“Comprehensive Stewardship: Responsibly Reconciling the Past”

Emily Louise Harvey, Leesburg, VA
“Seeing Women: The Rise in Popularity of Women’s Vision Aids in Nineteenth-Century America”

Jeffrey Law, New York, NY
“Spiral Ornament in Shang Dynasty China”

Louise Ke Sing Lui, Hong Kong
“The Splendor of Silk in Clay: Mongol Luxury Textiles and Yuan Blue-and-White Porcelain”

Isabella Anne Margi, Williston, VT
“‘A Poppet-Queen, Drest up by me’: Dolls, Propriety, and Girlhood in Early Modern Europe”

Joshua Baker Massey, Denver, NC
“‘To choose and be surrounded with the finest creations’: Assembling Value in the Ben-Zion House”

Talia Ayslyn Perry, Pittsburgh, PA
“Rooftop Fancy and Folly: Tudor Chimney Stack as Device and Discourse”

Madeline Porsella, New York, NY
“The New Promethean: Modernism and the Occult in Claude Fayette Bragdon’s Projective Ornament

Anna Elizabeth Riley, Birmingham, AL
“Crafting Stories of Value: Commodity Paths for Herati Glass”

Maura Tangum, Atlanta, GA
“‘Facing Determinedly Toward the Future’: Maxwell Shieff’s Involvement and Innovation within the Entertainment Industries of Canada and California, 1946–1959”

Zoe Volpa, Fort Collins, CO
“Imagining the French ‘Self’ and Its ‘Others’ Through the Display of Dress in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris”