Perhaps unsurprisingly, this fall is a time of many changes. BGC is delighted to welcome some very talented new people to our team, and sadly, we are saying goodbye to some staff members who have made a substantial impact during their time here.

Welcome to Jen Ha, coordinator of research and academic events, who joined the Academic Administration department in August.

Welcome to our new managing editor, Kat Atkins, who joined the Publications department in August.

Welcome to Vic Panata, library fellow, who joined the Department of Research Collections in September.

Welcome to our visiting faculty and fellows: Henry Colburn, Ariel Fein, Dana Katz, Christian Larsen, Annissa Malvoisin, Charmaine A. Nelson, Isabel Oleas-Mogollón, Soon Kai Poh, Lisa Regazzoni, and Louise Wood Ruby.

Welcome to our new Visitor Services staff: Anthony Chassi, Ema Furusho, and Bree Klauser. If you visit BGC Gallery, you will greeted by a member of this team, and likely also one of the terrific students assisting them: Heath Ballowe, Emily Harvey, Bella Margi, and Jeremy Reeves.

We wish a fond farewell to Emily Reilly, director of public engagement; Hellyn Teng, website manager; and Madeline Warner, development associate.