On Friday, June 12, BGC’s recent MA graduates presented their qualifying papers in a Zoom webinar forum. Click here to watch the Qualifying Paper Symposium on YouTube.

Bard College Commencement, August 22, 2020

PhD dissertation titles and MA qualifying paper titles are listed below each student’s name.


Amy Elizabeth Bogansky, Philadelphia, PA
B.A., Columbia University; M.A., University of Delaware/Winterthur Museum
Good Goods and Subtle Rogues: The Royal African Company and the Culture of the Textile Trade on the Gold Coast, 1660-1730

Matthew Burroughs Peters Keagle, Vergennes, VT
B.A., Cornell University; M.A., University of Delaware/Winterthur Museum
Uniformly Speaking: Military Dress in an Age of Reform, 1763-1789

Rebecca Anne Perry, Princeton Junction, NJ
B.A., Skidmore College; M.A., Bard Graduate Center
That Difficult In-between Age’: Fashioning Pre-Adolescent Girls in the United States, c. 1930-1960


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Laura J. Allen, Providence, RI
B.S., Bates College
Fashioning the Northwest Coast: 200 Years of Indigenous Dress

Jordane Birkett, Claremont, CA
B.A., New York University
The Head and the Hand: Hospitality and Collaborative Craftsmanship in William Morris’s Prose Romances

Christina Marie De Cola, New York, NY
B.A., Brown University
Playing Tourist: The Grand Tour and Cartographic Board Games of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Nicole Dee-Collins, Milton, MA
B.S., University of Rhode Island; B.A., University of Rhode Island
“Shoulders down; arms back; chest open; and waistband properly HIGH up”: Dandyism, Fashion, and the Perception of Masculinity in Late-Georgian Britain

Emily Hayflick, Seattle, WA
B.A., Barnard College
The Crafting of Skins and Laws: Legislative Rhetoric, Handicraft Production, and Indigenous Alaskan Identity

Elizabeth F. Koehn, Edmonds, WA
B.A., Oberlin College
Designing Destruction: Archizoom Associati’s ‘Superonda’ Sofa as Radical Critique

Chi-Lynn Lin, Taipei, Taiwan
B.A., Shih Chien University; M.A., Taipai National University of the Arts
Make It Real: Fantasy and Development of Interwar Japanese Girls’ Culture

Jinyi Liu, Shanghai, China
B.A., Shanghai University; M.A., Chinese University of Hong Kong; M.A., Ohio University
Understanding Tao and Ci: The 1908 Ceramics Exhibition in Late Qing Shanghai and the Emergence of Modern Chinese Cultural Nationalism

Jacqueline Marie Mazzone, Dover, NH
B.A., St. John’s University
A Taste for Death: Love, Humor, and Suicide in an Eighteenth-Century English Manuscript Recipe Book

Will Neibergall, Tempe, AZ
B.A., Arizona State University
Logic, Nervousness, and Architecture in Vienna: Two Studies in the Unhomely

Yi Rong, Shanghai, China
B.A., Pennsylvania State University
Fashion Playground: The Relation between Fashion and the Body in the Spaces for Comme des Garçons

Rachael Schwabe, Chicago, IL
B.A., Loyola University Chicago
Ghostly Traces and Haunted Labor: The Sincere Craft of Janine Antoni

Madeline Rose Warner, Laguna Beach, CA
B.A., McGill University
Space Sells: The Life and Times of a ‘Tin’ Toy Mars Gun Made in Japan

Danielle Fay Weindling, San Diego, CA
B.A., Middlebury College
I Have Seen Her in the Mirror: Elsa Schiaparelli, Surrealist Fashion, and Female Agency

Caleb Weintraub-Weissman, Elwood, NY
B.A., State University of New York at Geneseo
Photography and the Roycroft Press: Photogravures, Halftones, and Mythmaking in East Aurora

Alice Carolyn Winkler, Wilmington, DE
B.A., Boston University
“A Few Diamonds, Judiciously Worn”: Jewelry, Etiquette, and Feminine Virtue in the Gilded Age

Coco Shihuan Zhou, Vancouver, Canada
B.A., McGill University
Ecology by Design: Biosphere 2 and Closed-System Design in the Space Age