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Bard Graduate Center Graduates who received their master’s degrees May 2018.
Mei Rado (PhD 2018) and Jorge Rivas Pérez (PhD 2018) with Dr. Susan Weber, BGC founder and director.

Bard College Commencement, May 26, 2018

PhD dissertation titles and MA qualifying paper titles are listed below each student’s name.

Doctor of Philosophy

Mei Rado
“The Empire’s New Cloth: Western Textiles and Imperial Identity at the 18th-Century Qing Court”

Jorge Rivas Pérez
“Modern Design for Living in Venezuela: Miguel Arroyo and His Circle, 1948–63”

Master of Arts

Daisy Adams
“The Gift That Keeps on Giving: An Interpretation of Nicola da Urbino’s Calini and Valenti-Gambara Credenze

Lolly Burrows
“Problems of the Minoan ‘Snake Goddess’: Reconsidering the Faience Figurines from the Temple Repositories at Knossos”

Anne Carlisle
“Kami in the Maker, Kami in the Making: Arts and Crafts, Mingei Theory, and the Spiritualizing of Japanese Woodcraft in the USA”

Cassandra Celestin
“The Ornament of 19th-Century Athens”

Emily Cormack
“Commercial Ephemera at the Fin-de-siècle: A Study of Au Bon Marché Chromos”

Neil Creveling
“Dressing for the Future: Military Uniforms and Nation-Building in Meiji, Japan”

Madeline Crispell
“Presenting Identity and Culture in the Era of Exclusion: The Chinese Empire Reform Association and Chinese Restaurants in Butte and New York City”

Jaime Ding
“A History of Trash in Sight”

Zoe Groomes-Klotz
“Reading the Queer Photo Book: Tactility and Surface in Catherine Opie’s 700 Nimes Road

Brockett Horne
“Shaker Packaging: The Design of Patent Medicines”

Gaia Lettere
“Forming and Transforming Knowledge: Early Ethnographic Approaches to Understanding Northern Material Culture in 17th-Century Europe”

Meghan Lynch
“Ambiguous Script: The Efficacy of the Written Word across 12th-Century Fāṭimid Lands”

Rebecca Merriman
“The Performative Female Body: Costume and Athleticism at the New York Hippodrome, 1905–17”

Jeanette Miller
“A Good Craft: 19th-Century Quaker Influence on Occupational Therapy in 20th-Century New York City”

Sasha Nixon
“Statement Jewelry, 1887 BCE–Present: A View from the Jeweler’s Bench”

Pallavi Patke
“American Fashion with an Eastern Twist: An Exhibition of Modern Fabrics in Retrospect”

Sarah Reetz
“Spinning Women in the Bronze and Iron Ages: Using Data to Reveal the Symbolic and Economic Resonance of the Spindle Whorl”

Avery Schroeder
“Porcelain, Prestige, and Power: Louis XV’s Sèvres in Diplomacy”

Shining Wang
“An Imperial Spectacle of Power and Ingenuity: Rudolf II’s 1585 Mechanical Galleon”

Carson Woś
“Kraków to Lausanne: Self-Representation in Polish Tapestry, 1550–1970”