Maude Bass-Kreuger (PhD, 2016) has accepted a three-year postdoctoral position at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She will be working among Leiden; Cambridge, England; and the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, on a project entitled “Printing the Past: Architecture, Print Culture, and the Uses of the Past in Modern Europe.”

Amy Bogansky (PhD candidate) has curated the exhibition, City of Memory, on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through May 14, 2017. Centering on William P. Chappel (1801–1878), a tinsmith and amateur painter who depicted scenes of early nineteenth-century New York City, it features twenty-seven small oil paintings from the Met’s collection that were probably executed late in the artist’s life.

Bea Thornton (MA, 2015), Shayla Black (MA, 2016), and Roberta Gorin (MA, 2016) are all working at the Gap Inc. Heritage and Design Archives, which conserves the clothing company’s nearly forty-seven year history. Bea is assistant in the heritage and design archives; Shayla and Robert are Gap brand print library assistants.