21 Bard Graduate Center students—18 MAs and 3 PhDs—received their diplomas at Bard College’s commencement ceremony on May 26. We look forward to following the careers of these emerging scholars, and we are thrilled that two of the graduating MA students will continue their PhD studies at BGC.

Photo by Samuel Stuart Hollenshead.

PhD dissertation titles and MA qualifying paper titles are listed below each student’s name.

Doctor of Philosophy

Julia Grace Lillie, New York, NY / B.A., University of St. Andrews; M.A., Bard Graduate Center
“Finding Refuge in Print: Netherlandish Immigrant Engravers in Cologne, 1570–1610”
CINOA Award for Outstanding Dissertation

Courtney Ann Stewart, Toronto, Canada / B.A., Western University; M.A., University of Toronto
“The Multifaceted History of the Brilliant Cut Diamond: From Sacred Solar Motif to Commercial Commodity, 1600–1750”

Diana Xiaoyi Yang, Shanghai, China / M.A. Columbia University
“Migrating Dragons: Zhangzhou Ceramics for Japan and Southeast Asia”
Lee B. Anderson Memorial Foundation Prize

Master of Philosophy

Caroline Elenowitz-Hess, New York, NY / B.A., Yale University; A.A.S., Fashion Institute of Technology; M.A., Parsons School of Design / The New School
“The Most Beautiful Woman in Paris: Politics, Art, and Fashion in France’s Third Republic”

Kenna Libes, Bethesda, MD / B.A., Georgetown University; A.M., Brown University; M.A., Fashion Institute of Technology
“‘The best of a bad job’: Navigating Fashion and Fatness in the Long Nineteenth Century”

Jeremy Julien Reeves, Montreal, Quebec / B.A., Sciences Po/Columbia University; M.Phil., University of Cambridge
“Sixteenth-Century French Firearms”

Master of Arts

Karlyn A. Allenbrand, Olathe, KS / B.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design
“‘Powered by the Sun’: The Commodification of Solar Energy during the Cold War, 1954–1960”

Antonia Anagnostopoulos, Kitchener, Ontario / B.A., University of Toronto
“‘Are You French, Greek, Ottoman, Hellene, Or Roman?’: ‘Amalia’ Dress in the New Greek Nation, 1832–1865”

Irène Berthezène, Paris, France / M.A., ENSCI Les Ateliers
“Recovering the Design of Noémi Pernessin Raymond”

Elliot Camarra, West Falmouth, MA / B.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design
“On Reflection: Mirrors at the Sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron”
Clive Wainwright Award

Katherine Cohen, London, England / B.A., Wesleyan University
“How to Fix a Broken Pot: Conceptual Normativity in the Archaeology of Craft”

Angela Hermano Crenshaw, Providence, RI / B.A., University of St. Andrews
“‘From out the filmy piña draperies around her white and shapely neck’: Philippine Piña Textiles and Discourses of Distinction”

Allison Frances Donoghue, Cohasset, MA / B.A., Connecticut College
“‘A bead, a thimble or some other pauble’: Thimbles and Self-Identity in Early New York”
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Horowitz Foundation for the Arts Award

William Dunsmore, McKinney, TX / B.A., Simon Fraser University
“‘A Winter Temperature in the Summer Time’: Preserving Nineteenth-Century Lagerkellers and German-American Heritage”

Mackensie Baxter Griffin, Trumbull, CT / B.A., Bard College; M.A., New York University
“A Seat at the Table: The Dining Table in Black Art and Design, 1850–2022”

Robert Christopher Hewis, Grimsby, England / B.A., University of Cambridge
“Drinks and Desire: Coffee Culture in Early Modern Europe”
Clive Wainwright Award

Raphaël Machiels, London, England / B.A., Leiden University
“Finding Flanders: (Sub)national Identities in the Work of Maarten van Severen”

Patricia V.B. Madsen, Forest Hills, NY / B.A., Harvard University; J.D., Columbia University
“The Business of Art: The Union Porcelain Works”

Sydney Maresca, Kingston, NY / B.A., Sarah Lawrence College; M.F.A., New York University
“‘Coats Woven of Turkie-feathers’: Indigenous Featherwork Mantles in the Seventeenth-Century American Northeast”

Caroline Genevieve Montague, Minneapolis, MN / B.A., Barnard College
“Gender, Technology, and Fashion: Knit Stockings in Seventeenth-Century England”

Rachel Salem-Wiseman, Toronto, Ontario / B.A., Queen’s University
“Ruff Work: Laundresses and their Labor in Early Modern England and the Netherlands”

Samantha Kanoelani Santana, Livermore, CA / B.A., New York University
“Picture Perfect Hula Girls: A Story of Hula in New York City”

Mabel Capability Taylor, Muir Beach, CA / B.A., Barnard College
“Nostalgic Bulldozers and Glass Boxes: Nineteenth-Century Spectacle at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the 1970s”
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Horowitz Foundation for the Arts Award

Luli Zou, Yantai, China / B.A., Beijing Union University; M.Sc., University of Hong Kong
“Beyond the China Trade—A Biography of a Qing Dressing Case in Kingscote, Newport”