The mission of the Bard Graduate Center Student Emergency Fund (BGCSEF) is to provide relief from extraordinary financial stress and enable students to maintain engagement in their BGC research and academic careers.

The BGCSEF was created in April 2020 by faculty, staff, alumni, board members, and friends joining together to support Bard Graduate Center students who find themselves in need as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. At BGC, we are deeply committed to ensuring that students are given every opportunity to succeed, in and out of the classroom, regardless of obstacles presented by unpredicted life events. Funds from the BGCSEF are available to support any current Bard Graduate Center student.

The fund aims to assist students who are experiencing unexpected, significant challenges, despite their efforts to be adequately financially prepared. Unforeseen circumstances may include, but are not limited to, a substantial loss of family income, bereavement or other personal emergency travel, required educational supplies, or urgent personal needs.

Currently matriculated MA and PhD students at BGC who need assistance should email [email protected] or complete the request form. All BGCSEF requests will be reviewed weekly, on a confidential basis, by a committee of BGC faculty, staff, and board members.

Request support from the BGC Student Emergency Fund (for current BGC students only).

BGC Student Emergency Fund Committee Members:
Samantha Baron, Director of Administration
Keith Condon, Director of Admissions and Student Affairs
Brandy Culp (MA ’04), BGC Board Member
Nancy Druckman, BGC Board Chair
Professor Aaron Glass, Associate Chair of Research Programs
Professor Deborah L. Krohn, Chair of Academic Programs
Janet Ozarchuk, Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]

Funding Guidelines
The Bard Graduate Center Student Emergency Fund (BGCSEF) provides support for the following:

  1. Educational Supplies (books, laptops, etc.)
  2. Food
  3. Clothing
  4. Personal Medical Needs (i.e., prescriptions)
  5. Emergency Related Travel

The Bard Graduate Center Student Emergency Fund (BGCSEF) does not provide funding for the following:

  1. Fines associated with policy and law violations (i.e., fire safety fines, parking tickets)
  2. Entertainment and Recreational Activities (concerts, bowling, movies, etc.)
  3. Student Conferences
  4. Rent of Family Members
  5. Court Fees
  6. Cell Phones
  7. Vehicle Repairs
  8. Poor Money Management

In some cases the committee will consider the following:

  1. Normal Institutional Expenses (i.e., housing, tuition, board)
  2. Reimbursements (expenses already paid)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do I apply to get support through the BGCSEF?
Complete the BGCSEF request form on the webpage or via email.

How much financial support can I get through the BGCSEF?
Typical requests range between $50–250. BGCSEF will grant financial support up to $1,000.

When will I know if my request has been reviewed?

The BGCSEF committee meets weekly. Decisions are usually communicated to the student within 48 hours of the meeting. In some cases, decisions are made much more quickly.

How will the funds be transferred to me?
In order to distribute resources as quickly as possible, resources from the BGCSEF will be distributed as gift cards. Examples: grocery store, drug store, Visa gift card, Amazon, or another venue appropriate for the request. Travel vouchers and cash may also be used, but they cannot distributed as quickly.

How do I get in contact with someone on the committee?

You may email [email protected] or you may email one of the committee members directly.

Can I apply for funding through BGCSEF more than once?
Yes. The committee will review multiple requests, but approval is not guaranteed. If the committee is unable to approve your request, it will provide information on other resources where available.

How are funds raised for the BGCSEF?
Financial support for the BGCSEF comes from faculty and staff as well as from BGC’s board, alumni, and friends.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?
All currently matriculated MA and PhD students are eligible to apply for support.

Are students on the BGCSEF Committee?
Students do not serve on the BGCSEF Committee to preserve confidentiality.