Please join us in celebrating the 2023 MA graduates as they present their qualifying paper’s at this year’s symposium. To see the program brochure, click here.

1:30 pm Welcome
Susan Weber, Director and Founder
Peter N. Miller, Dean
Deborah L. Krohn, Chair of Academic Programs

1:45 pm Group I
Introduction by Prof. Caspar Meyer

Jeffrey Law
Spiral Ornament in Shang Dynasty China

Talia A. Perry
Rooftop Fancy and Folly: Tudor Chimney Stack as Device and Discourse

Isabella Margi
“A Poppet-Queen, Drest up by me”: Dolls, Propriety, and Girlhood in Early Modern Europe

Louise Lui
The Splendor of Silk in Clay: Mongol Luxury Textiles and Yuan Dynasty Blue-and-White Porcelain


3 pm Group II
Introduction by Prof. Meredith Linn

Heath Ballowe
They Sound Different When They Break: The Scientific Struggle to Produce English Porcelain, 1672–1821

Emily Harvey
Seeing Women: The Rise in Popularity of Women’s Vision Aids in Nineteenth-Century America

Zoe Volpa
Imagining the French “Self” and Its “Others” Through the Display of Dress in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris

Daniel Foster Chamberlin
Comprehensive Stewardship: Responsibly Reconciling the Past


4:15 pm Group III
Introduction by Prof. Catherine Whalen

Madeline Porsella
The New Promethean: Modernism and the Occult in Claude Fayette Bragdon’s Projective Ornament

Anna Riley
Crafting Stories of Value: Commodity Paths for Herati Glass

Joshua Massey
“To choose and be surrounded with the finest creations”: Assembling Value in the Ben-Zion House

Maura Tangum
“Facing Determinedly Toward the Future”: Maxwell Shieff’s Involvement and Innovation within the Entertainment Industries of Canada and California, 1946–1959


5:15 pm Reception