Bard Graduate Center is pleased to present a pop up installation by Beau Rhee / Atelier de Geste from July 13 to 30. Naviguer à vue is a mixed-media installation that explores navigation, migration, and passage in spiritual, physical, and emotional realms. In the Gallery opposite our current Focus Project exhibition Design by the Book: Chinese Ritual Objects and the Sanli tu, light vessels and wall hangings dramatically define the environment with color, light, reflection, and shadow encouraging ritualized pathways of movement. The drawings and recurring shades of blue evoke both cosmic and corporeal themes.

About the installation Rhee says, “these works show the ever-present connection between movement and material in my practice. The gesture and movements are extended and formed into various media, prolonging the ephemeral art of choreography into physical and visual materials. Concepts of trace, notation, and the dialogue between the ephemeral and the archive are found throughout the works.”

July 13: Opening 6–8 pm

Naviguer à vue is inspired by Rhee’s movement research and choreographic annotation. Join us for a performance event that will open the installation to the public. The evening will include a sound score by Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste.

Looking to celestial astronomic movement as the basis of our understanding of time, the performance is based on a sequence of 12 movements and 12 sounds that are repeated in variations. Traces of the body in motion accumulate as a live drawing. Main sources of inspiration for the piece include: the analemma (the annual shape the sun makes in the sky), turtles & rising tides.

Atelier de Geste is a studio directed by Beau Rhee. Rhee works at the intersection of design, art, and performance. Based on gesture and mise en scène, the studio produces a broad range of multi-media work, such as metal objects, textile pieces, drawings, scents. The work explores body-space both abstractly and socially. Rhee works frequently in collaboration with other artists, hence the collective studio name. In 2017, the studio has shown work at Kaaitheatre Brussels, MoMA/PS1, Slought Foundation.