Dachsie pull toy, introduced 1958–59 BRIO, Osby Wood, metal, plastic, string, cardboard box Private collection

Sailboat, introduced 1988 Ulf Hanses for Playsam Wood Private collection

Miniature railway set and car ferry, ca. 1963 BRIO, Osby Wood Lekoseum in collaboration with BRIO, Sweden

Labyrinth game, introduced 1946 BRIO, Osby Wood, plastic, metal, cardboard box Private collection

Doll, 1989 Ulf Hanses Wood, leather, cotton, burlap Ulf Hanses

[image SwedishToyAnimation07.gif]

Streamliner Rally, introduced 1984 Ulf Hanses for Playsam Wood, metal Private collection

Puck ice hockey game, 1950–60 Aristospel AB, Stockholm Wood, metal, plastic Roma Capitale—Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali—Collezione di giocattoli antichi, CGA LS 7508

“BYGG-BRIO” building set, introduced 1953 BRIO, Osby Wood, rubber Private collection