The Digital Media Lab provides a number of resources for the BGC community, all of which are aimed at increasing the integration and implementation of new media tools within the curricular and research goals of the institution.
  • The Lab provides a well-equipped space for students and faculty to work on media projects that require significant computing resources. These include web development, audio and video editing, rendering of three-dimensional virtual spaces, and the development of multimedia online virtual exhibitions.
  • The Lab manages and supports online tools and resources such as online webspace for websites and blogs, wikis, and content-management systems. These tools offer platforms for investigation and experimentation and are used by faculty and students for a variety of projects, from classes and qualifying papers, to long-term research projects.
  • The Lab is an important hub for collaborative projects conducted with institutions that share similar digital media goals to the BGC. These collaborative projects allow work done in the Lab to reach a larger audience, and they encourage the BGC community to participate in a wide range of new media work.

Together, these three aspects are central to the philosophy that digital media tools are increasingly a part of the process of scholarship and knowledge production, and that the thoughtful implementation of these tools is central to building a successful curriculum in the 21st century. The DML offers regular workshops and training to support the mastery of digital tools in order to encourage inquiry into these new modes of scholarship and to develop valuable professional skills.

Along with workshops and coursework support, the Digital Media Lab works to promote interest in these tools and resources by holding faculty colloquia to discuss best practices for the implementation of these tools in the classroom. The Lab also hosts semi-annual salons that showcase the work done by students and faculty. By putting exemplary work on display, these salons expose people inside and outside of Bard Graduate Center to the type of work that can and is being done using digital media tools.

Lastly, the Digital Media Lab plays an important role in the Bard Graduate Center’s investigation into new models of scholarship and knowledge production. In particular, the Lab is centrally situated in the middle of conversations at BGC as to how exhibitions, journal articles, and monographs can be reconfigured to take into consideration the new possibilities that digital media tools offer contemporary academia. Through experiments in multimedia content management and alternative methods of digital publishing, the Lab provides students and faculty with a place to examine the best ways of organizing and disseminating their research using the new tools now available to them.

Jesse Merandy, director of the Digital Media Lab, is responsible for managing the Digital Media Lab as well as working with faculty and students to develop digital projects. His research includes mobile technologies and learning and interactive technology and pedagogy.

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Contact:, 212 501 3061