The ongoing series gathered on this page represent different axes of research at BGC. The first captures publications in print and performance. For 25 years BGC has been at the forefront of scholarly communication about doing history from things. REvisions sorts through this large body of work and retrospectively discovers new themes and new lines of inquiry—a kind of institutional sub-conscious. Cultural Histories of the Material World publishes monographs, works in translation and collective project volumes that mark out the frontiers of BGC’s knowledge map. One More Thing and Object of the Month focus on the object-centered work at the heart of BGC’s research practice. The latter column gives a place to curators, professors, students, and visitors to look closely at a single object from a BGC exhibition and argue from that object. Three Questions is BGC’s video series where scholars answer big questions about their work in a focused, informal conversation. Fellows Talk presents former research and visiting fellows talking about their work and their time at BGC.