Speakers will be taking questions at the end of each group. If you have a question for a speaker, please put them in the chat on the youtube page or email them to academicevents@bgc.bard.edu. We cannot guarantee that all questions will be asked.

1 pm
Welcome Remarks and Introduction
Susan Weber, Director and Founder
Peter N. Miller, Dean and Professor
Deborah L. Krohn, Associate Professor and Chair of Academic Programs
Freyja Hartzell, Assistant Professor

1:20 pm
Group I: 18th- & 19th-Century Culture
Jacqueline Mazzone
A Taste for Death: Love, Humor, and Suicide in an Eighteenth-Century English Recipe Book

Christina DeCola
Playing Tourist: The Grand Tour and Cartographic Board Games of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Nicole Dee-Collins
“Shoulders down; arms back; chest open; and waistband properly HIGH up”: Dandyism, Fashion, and the Perception of Masculinity in Late-Georgian Britain

Alice Winkler
“A Few Diamonds, Judiciously Worn”: Jewelry, Etiquette, and Feminine Virtue in the Gilded Age


2:20 pm
Group II: Craft & Making
Caleb Weintraub-Weissman
Photography and the Roycroft Press: Photogravures, Halftones, and Mythmaking in East Aurora

Jordane Birkett
The Head and the Hand: Hospitality and Collaborative Craftsmanship

Rachael Schwabe
Ghostly Traces and Haunted Labor: The Sincere Craft of Janine Antoni

Emily Hayflick
The Crafting of Skins and Laws: Legislative Rhetoric, Handicraft Production, and Indigenous Alaskan Identity


3:20 pm
Group III: Fashion
Chi-Lynn Lin
Make It Real: Fantasy and Development of Interwar Japanese Girls’ Culture

Danielle Weindling
I Have Seen Her in the Mirror: Elsa Schiaparelli, Surrealist Fashion, and Female Agency

Yi Rong
Fashion Playground: The Relation between Fashion and the Body in the Spaces for Comme des Garçon

Laura Allen
Fashioning the Northwest Coast: 200 Years of Indigenous Dress


4:20 pm
Group IV: Modernism & Popular Culture
Jinyi Liu
Understanding Tao and Ci: The 1908 Ceramics Exhibition in Late Qing Shanghai and the Emergence of Modern Chinese Cultural Nationalism

Will Neibergall
Logic, Nervousness, and Architecture in Vienna: Two Studies in the Unhomely

Madeline Warner
Space Sells: The Life and Times of a “Tin” Toy Mars Gun Made in Japan

Elizabeth Koehn
Designing Destruction: Archizoom Associati’s “Superonda” Sofa as Radical Critique

Coco Zhou
Ecology by Design: Biosphere 2 and Closed-System Design in the Space Age

5:15 pm
Closing Remarks
Peter N. Miller, Dean and Professor