In Focus II: Design and Ritual in Imperial China

This seminar is designed to prepare the Fall 2016 Focus Gallery exhibition, which will be centered around what appears to be the oldest illustrated book on Chinese material culture: a long-neglected dictionary from the tenth century entitled Illustrations to the Three Rites Classics, or Sanli tu. The book discusses and illustrates over 370 ritual objects mentioned in the Confucian Classics, ranging from ceremonial dress, musical instruments, and archery equipment to court insignia and a wide range of sacrificial utensils. Tasks of this seminar include finalizing the exhibition concept and title, drawing up a checklist of items for display and researching these in depth (the exhibits will mostly date from the eleventh to the early twentieth century), the development and authoring of an online digital component for the exhibition, and the refining of the text of the print publication. The class is open to all students. Knowledge of Chinese, German, or French will come in handy but is not a prerequisite. 3 credits. Satisfies the non-Western or pre-1800 requirement.