English Silver: Masterpieces by Omar Ramsden from the Campbell Collection presented a survey of silver objects produced for domestic use by one of England’s leading silverware designers. It was one of two concurrent major silver exhibitions in Bard Graduate Center’s Gallery, shown alongside Arthur J. Stone 1847-1938, Designer and Silversmith.

As a designer, Omar Ramsden drew inspiration from England’s past, borrowing from Celtic, medieval, and other early historical sources. His antiquarian interests are evident throughout his career—using historical forms and motifs that would have appealed to the traditional tastes of his patrons. The 50 objects exhibited illustrated an influence firmly rooted in the tradition of the British Arts and Crafts Movement, which flourished in the 1890s as Ramsden was honing his own craft. Some of the works displayed included vases, cups and goblets, candelabra, tea services, boxes and inkwells designed by Ramsden between 1901 and his death in 1939.