“Brass and Copper Workers (Reay Art Workshops),” Sir J. J. School of Art and Industry, Bombay, from W. E. Gladstone Solomon, The Bombay Revival of Indian Art. Bombay: W. E. G. Solomon,1924, facing page 94. Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 4.D.150.

This symposium is organized in conjunction with the exhibition John Lockwood Kipling: Arts & Crafts in the Punjab and London, which premiered at the V&A in January 2017 and which will be on display at Bard Graduate Center Gallery from September 15, 2017 through January 7, 2018. The exhibition is the first retrospective of the work of John Lockwood Kipling (1837–1911)—designer, architectural sculptor, curator, educator, illustrator, and journalist—whose role in the nineteenth‐century Arts and Crafts revival in British India has received little attention. The symposium will examine Kipling’s legacy, specifically his effect on art education and on craft, by looking at continuities, responses, and rejections of his work.

Please check back soon for a list of speakers and a schedule of the day.