Gottfried Semper is a seminal figure in that second third of the nineteenth century great leap forward in thinking about object studies, history, design, textile, style, and collecting. The title of this workshop suggests the centrality of Semper for the questions most fundamentally associated with the institution that is Bard Graduate Center. Based first in Dresden but then moving to London in time for the 1851 Great Exposition—he was actually a political refugee on the run for his liberal views in post-1848 Germany—and then later returning to Germany, Semper offers us access to crucial debates all across Europe. He remains, however, just over the horizon of most Anglophone scholars. Taking advantage of the coincidence at Bard Graduate Center of two of the most important and interesting Semper scholars active today, Isabelle Kalinowski (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris) and Spyros Papapetros (Princeton University), this workshop will present the state of the art, and offer the opportunity to explore the role of Semper—and the questions about that role that remain to be asked—in the later nineteenth-century development of art and architectural history as well as museum studies.