DEAI Update
In early December 2022, the DEAI Working Group held the first DEAI Community Social, a drop-in event for students, faculty, and staff to learn about the work the group has been doing and build awareness about the DEAI efforts at BGC. In the new year, the group is continuing its efforts throughout the institution.

DEAI Working Group
BGC’s DEAI Working Group—Ebony Allen-Reece (staff), Daniel Chamberlain (student), Emma Cormack (staff, MA ‘18), Freyja Hartzell (faculty, MA ‘05), Jesse Merandy (faculty), Sebastian Moya (staff), Alexis Mucha (staff, MA ‘07), Antonio Sánchez Gómez (alumnus, PhD ‘20), Samuel Snodgrass (alumnus, MA ‘22), Drew Thompson (faculty), Leonie Treier (student), and Maggie Walter (staff)—met on January 24, 2023 to continue their work on diversity, equity, access, and inclusion at BGC.

The Gallery/Exhibitions subgroup (Ebony Allen-Reece, Emma Cormack, Alexis Mucha, and Maggie Walter) will be focusing on gallery accessibility for the Bard Graduate Center’s upcoming exhibitions Shaped by the Loom: Weaving Worlds in the American Southwest and Staging the Table in Europe 1500–1800. They are also in the process of drafting a gallery accessibility handbook, in order to set guidelines for future exhibitions.

The Student Experience subgroup (Daniel Chamberlain, Sebastian Moya, Antonio Sánchez Gómez, and Leonie Treier) has reached out to more respondents for their survey. Once they begin the analysis of their results, they will identify the aspects of BGC life most in need of improvement, reach out to students who indicated their openness to follow-up interviews, and consider what if any changes could be made to the structure or sharing of the survey for future iterations.

Next Steps

The full DEAI WG will meet again in February to discuss overall goals and subgroup progress. The subgroups will meet monthly to continue their individual work.